Retarget your visitors on third-party websites like Amazon, Youtube, Spotify or Kickstarter.

PixelMe is an URL shortener that embeds retargeting pixels into shortened links. Create your advertising campaigns with PixelMe short links and retarget anyone who clicked on your URLs!

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Brand, track & share your own branded short URLs and retarget people who clicked on your links!

Build retargeting audiences from any link

Send people to Third-Party Platforms (Amazon, Youtube, Kickstarter, Spotify...) from paid ads and retarget all those people.

PixelMe Audiences
Track conversions with Amazon Attribution

Connect your Amazon Attribution account to PixelMe and track all your conversions for each of your short links. Learn more.

Amazon attribution
Drive 34% more clicks by using branded links

In a few clicks you can connect your custom domain, create a shortened link with your brand, customize the end of your URL or edit the link preview. Everything you need is on PixelMe.

Branded link
One link to share all your content in a micro landing page

Add OneLink to your BIO and redirect people to a micro landing page with all your content.

Pixel Me allows you to share one link for all your channels


Understand in a few questions how PixelMe works and how we can
help you to grow your business

What is Pixelme?

PixelMe is an URL shortener for savvy marketers. With PixelMe you can serve specific ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google to everyone who clicked on a link. We add your retargeting pixel(s) to every link you share on social media or elsewhere!

Why can PixelMe help me to increase my sales?

Only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit! The retargeting helps you to target people who already visited your website and generate more sales. PixelMe gives you the power to retarget, even if you are doing ads to a 3th party platform like Amazon, Kickstarter, Spotify or Youtube!

Why should I use PixelMe short links into my ads?

When you are doing ads, especially when you are driving traffic to third party platforms like Amazon, Kickstarter or Spotify, 90% of people who clicked on your ads will never buy the product at once! With PixelMe links, you are able to add your pixels into your ads and create retargeting audiences based on people who really clicked on your links.

How does PixelMe retargeting work?

When people click on a PixelMe link, we are doing a quick redirect to an HTML page to call and fire all your pixels from Facebook, Adwords, Linkedin or other ads platforms. It’s exactly the same process as adding your pixel into your own website!

What is a branded domain and why do I need it?

A branded short link is a shortened link that uses your own domain, like instead of our domain You need to protect your brand and inspire trust when you are sharing links, using a branded domain will help you to drive more clicks into your links!

What is a micro landing page and why do I need it?

A micro landing page is a page where you can put all your contents in just one page, create this page in a few seconds and edit it at scale! If you need one link to redirect to all your content from Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, you definitely should use a micro landing page!

Simple pricing. Pay as you grow.

Paid plan starts with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.
$29 /month
$17 /month
5,000 tracked click / month
500 branded links
3 retargeting pixels
3 Custom domains
1 Micro landing page
Amazon Attribution
Link expiration
Team members
Workspaces / Sub-accounts
$69 /month
$41 /month
20,000 tracked click / month
5,000 branded links
5 retargeting pixels
5 Custom domains
1 Micro landing page
Amazon Attribution
Link expiration
Team members
Workspaces / Sub-accounts
$149 /month
$124 /month
50,000 tracked click / month
5,000 branded links
10 retargeting pixels
10 Custom domains
1 Micro landing page
Amazon Attribution
Link expiration
Team members
Workspaces / Sub-accounts
Custom pricing
100K + tracked click / month
Unlimited branded links
10+ retargeting pixels
10+ Custom domains
3+ Micro landing page
Amazon Attribution
Link expiration
Team members
Workspaces / Sub-accounts
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PixelMe is used by 20K+ companies in the world
When someone clicks your link to your website or Amazon store but they do NOT purchase your product... it's not a lost sale when you can retarget them with paid advertising.
Tatiana James - Amazon sellers
photo of a PixelMe Client
Easy retargeting that plugs straight into my social media scheduling platform, allowing me to leverage the authority of shared curated content to build my audience.
Gary O - Growth Marketer
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Anyone in marketing who does not add retargeting pixels to links is missing out on a ton of data. PixelMe makes it easy to create the links and to track the traffic. Use custom domains.
Mick M. - Marketing Manager
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