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Automatically turn your links into a brand asset. Create links with your custom domain and take control of the content you share.

Leverage the power of branded links and increase your CTR.

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Increase your CTR with branded links

With branded links you can get all the benefits of shortening a link, without losing any of your brand's power. Plus, if anyone wants to repost your link, it's nice to know they'll be boosting the visibility of your business.

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The all-in-one link management platform

All features needed in one place to manage your links.
Complete and accurate link analytics.
Organize all your links with folders and subfolders.
Edit link preview before sharing on social media.
Workspace and team management.
UTM builder and UTM manager.
Chrome extension & API for developers
Amazon Attribution for Amazon sellers.
Bulk import, bulk edit, bulk export.
Chrome extension & API for developers