Create & Manage Off-Amazon Campaigns

Increase your organic rank for direct and long-tail keywords with optimized off-Amazon ads, powered by AI.
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Optimize & Track Keywords to Boost Rank & Sales

Increase your organic rank with direct and long-tail keywords on Amazon, and track them across Google and Amazon in the same dashboard.

Quickly optimize ad spend by replacing under-performing keywords with dynamic keyword suggestions for Google campaigns based on your listings and your competitors’.

With our proprietary software you can also see the estimated cost per click and search volume across Amazon and Google.
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Understand Which Channels are Most Effective

Manage Campaigns from a Single Dashboard

Simplify how you view campaign performance with Amazon Attribution and listing data all in one platform. Make sure you’re investing wisely with tracking for influencers and campaigns to know what is driving conversions and see which creative is giving you the highest return for the lowest cost.

Measure how your campaigns and listings fare in the following categories:
  • Organic keyword tracking
  • BSR rank
  • Organic impact
  • Ad cost
  • Add to carts
  • Purchases
  • Revenue
  • ROAS keyword tracking
  • ACOS
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Drive External Traffic to Your Listings

We use proprietary software along with in-depth knowledge of Google, Meta, and TikTok to help you create, optimize, and manage off-Amazon campaigns.

See an overall increase in revenue per ASIN, boost your organic rank, and gain Amazon referral bonuses for each sale.
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Increase sales and improve Amazon rank with PixelMe’s attribution and retargeting technology.
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