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Increase conversions with data-powered keyword
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Turn Google searches into Amazon sales using our proprietary, patent-pending technology.
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*90-day satisfaction guarantee. If your rank is not boosted in 90 days, we will launch 2 more ASINs for you on the PixelMe platform,
free of charge. ASINs must be approved as eligible by the PixelMe team prior to setting up in-platform campaigns in order to qualify.

Increase sales by up to 20%

with external traffic and conversion-based campaigns
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Retarget with pixels

PixelMe links allow you to track customers across platforms and
increase likelihood of turning clicks into conversions.
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Gabe Klingman
“With PixelMe, we can launch a product and know that we’re going to get momentum instantly in a completely TOS friendly way.”

Gabe Klingman 7-Figure Amazon Seller and Advisor

George Meressa
"Using PixelMe, we are quickly able to identify where there's movement with keyword ranking and total sales. Therefore allowing us to best optimize campaigns to grow brands on Amazon. Highly recommended.”

George Meressa Founder, Clear Ads

Grégoire d’Aboville
“PixelMe helps me retarget Amazon prospects. I don’t know how I could have done it without their tool.”

Grégoire d’Aboville Head of Marketing,

Deborah Rippol
“PixelMe has helped me skyrocket my sales by retargeting and I can now remarket to the audience that I was losing when sharing things on social media before. Awesome for reaching new audiences!”

Deborah Rippol Former Culture Scout at Buffer

Tatiana James
“When someone clicks your link to your website or Amazon store, but they do not purchase your product…PixelMe helps us avoid a lost sale by retargeting them with paid advertising.”

Tatiana James Amazon Coach, YouTuber

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Success Stories

This client lowered ACOS from 72% to 1% and boosted 17x sales with PixelMe!
Read More Success Stories

Off-Amazon advertising, simplified

Automated retargeting and campaign optimization drives immediate
results from your external campaigns to Amazon.

Get started in minutes

Our AI-powered headlines
take the stress out of
campaign creation.

Full implementation,
dedicated support

Guaranteed success
across campaigns for new
and existing ASINs.

Supports multiple brands
& team members

Manage multiple brands
and team members for
improved productivity.
Automatic Bid
Adjust bids (up/down)
based on performance
Keyword Monitoring
Automatically pause
low-performing keywords
Custom Campaign Strategy
Protect ACOS with
automations aligned
with your strategy
Exportable Reports
Keep track of key
performance metrics
GPT Headlines
AI-generated headlines
& descriptions
Keyword Tracker
Identify top-performing
keywords to optimize
Developer API
Customizable to scale
with your business
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Drive results with the most
robust off-Amazon technology in the industry.

Built by industry-leading experts to take the
guesswork out of scaling your business through
external traffic.
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Don’t wait to stop driving traffic

PixelMe makes driving external traffic simple.
Start, scale, and optimize in 4 easy steps.
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Optimize ACOS

See results outpace rivals with lower ACOS and increased ROAS.
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Scale Success

Expand our proven strategies to your entire catalog.
PixelMe Multichanel

Multichannel ad support

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
TikTok Ads
Custom Links

Plus the standard stuff URL shorteners do...

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