Tom Benattar
March 18, 2020

How a famous brand in beauty achieved +7% in sales by using PixelMe during an SMS marketing campaign?


Our client wanted to launch its BlackFriday19 campaign, offering 10% extra discount for their current customers.

Our client’s main challenges were:

  • Send 500,000 promotional SMS
  • Increase her number of sales
  • Track her number of clicks
  • Track her number of purchases
  • Redirect her customers to another promo after the Black Friday.


With PixelMe ‘s all in one solution, she’s been able to:

  • Create  a unique branded URL for the campaign
  • Create  a unique coupon to track her sales BF10
  • Add UTM parameters to the destination URL:
  • Embed Facebook retargeting pixel into her branded URL to create a custom audience for later
  • Create a SMS with only 158 characters



CTR = Click Through Rate: Number of people who clicked on the SMS link.

How it worked?

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