Juliette Belfiore
June 8, 2021

[Podcast] What is Amazon Attribution? PixelMe Featuring in DataHawk eCommerce Podcast

Tom, CEO and co-founder of PixelMe has been invited to the DataHawk eCommerce Podcast on the topic “What is Amazon Attribution”.

PixelMe has been selected to implement the Amazon Attribution feature.

What is Amazon Attribution?

In the first part of the podcast talk, Pat, an Amazon expert explains that 50% of shoppers already begin their shopping journey on Amazon. 50% via other channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ads. 

Here some of the questions discussed: 

  • Have you ever wondered where your Amazon sales come from outside of Amazon advertising? 
  • How to track your off-Amazon shoppers?
  • Why you should start using Amazon Attribution? 
  • Is it open to everyone?
“With Amazon Attribution, you are not flying blind!” 💸
Pat, Amazon Expert

In the second part of the Podcast, Tom enlightens us on the huge importance of retargeting and how Amazon Attribution will definitely be very powerful for all Amazon sellers on PixelMe. 

“97% of people will never buy product on the first time!” 
Tom, CEO of PixelMe

DataHawk: Essential tool for eCommerce Success on Amazon!

Launched in 2017, DataHawk is an Amazon analytics and optimization software that provides tools for Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies to help increase sales, optimize margins, boost productivity, and gain insights.

DataHawk is a team of 15 experienced software developers and retail & marketing professionals based in Paris, France.

Furthermore, DataHawk’s website is a very resourceful platform for all Amazon community. Blog, podcasts, webinar, ROI calculator: if you are looking for an Amazon data question, you will find it on DataHawk!

Here is the Podcast link

You can find here Episode 12 of the DataHawk eCommerce Podcast:

Thank you again DataHawk for your invitation 🙏