Juliette Belfiore
May 11, 2021

How to track conversions with Amazon Attribution on PixelMe?

For all Amazon sellers: this is huge news!

Pixelme has been selected to implement Amazon Attribution! Our Amazon sellers will be delighted! They will be able to track conversions with this new amazing feature. 

The purpose of Amazon Attribution is that Amazon sellers can “Grow business on Amazon by optimizing experiences off Amazon”

We love to share with our Pixelme users our news (collaboration, features, steps forward...). At this current time, we are gathering a team of beta-testers and we are working on how to integrate Amazon Attribution in Pixelme so you could take the most advantage of it!

What is Amazon Attribution?

This is a solution for savvy marketers. Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics tool that provides insights from non-Amazon marketing channels on Amazon. Thanks to those data, you could understand better your customer’s practices and adapt your further marketing campaigns. 

It is a way to optimize strategies across channels and devices to help maximize ROI and grow product sales to build future marketing plans.

How does Amazon Attribution work?

As an Amazon seller, you need to collect data from Amazon and from outside Amazon in order to get the Big picture of your marketing efforts! 

Before Amazon Attribution, measure the efficiency of a campaign was quite impossible, and a lot of money has been wasted on ads.

Amazon Attribution reports provide:

- Impressions 

- Clicks

- Amazon conversion metrics

- Detailed page views

- Add to Carts 

- Purchases from each ad channel

Good to know: reports are downloadable!

With Amazon Attribution, you can optimize ads from non-Amazon cross-channel digital marketing activities such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and even email marketing. And make your Amazon shop benefited!

To know more about Amazon Attribution =

Using PixelMe to increase your sales on Amazon

For all savvy marketers, PixelMe makes your life easier! You can send people to Amazon from paid ads or social media posts and retarget them afterwards. With this excellent news, you will also be able to track conversions on PixelMe. 

Here are the steps to follow to use PixelMe to track, retarget and convert your audiences:

1/ Shorten your Amazon product page’s URL! 

In PixelMe, you can shorten your Amazon page very easily. 

You need to = 

  • Select “create a link” in your Link Manager
  • Add your branded domain if you have one
  • Include a retargeting pixel for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google AdWords by simply selecting those options from the ‘Pixels’ dropdown menu. 
  • Fill UTM parameters
  • Click on “Shorten” >> You will get a tiny friendly URL.

You can edit the slug if you wish.

2/ Create a Facebook ad for your Amazon visitors

Just go to your Facebook Ads Manager and set up the ad the way you usually would. You just have to replace the destination URL by your tiny shortened Pixelme link.

3/ Create a Facebook retargeting audience for your Amazon visitors

Thanks to your first ad with the PixelMe link, you now have your “Custom Audience” of people who clicked on the Amazon link. Don’t hesitate to name it as “Amazon Clickers” for instance. 

4/ Launch your retargeting ad on Facebook

Now you have you retargeting custom audience on Facebook, you can try to convert them! So you will set a second ad, way more targeted to lead your qualifyied audience to buy your product.

5/ Track conversions with Amazon Attribution!

And now, with Amazon Attribution implemented directly in your PixelMe dashboard, you'll be able to track all your Amazon page views, add to carts, and purchases for each of your short links! 

Do you want to become beta-tester?
We are looking for beta-testers: you will be among the first to try it on Pixelme. If you want to become one, please fill in the form = https://pxle.me/amazon_attribution

We need your feedback to launch the feature in the best conditions!

A little more patience for the Amazon Attribution feature launch on PixelMe, you will be the first to know!