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Tom Benattar
October 12, 2020

How Datahawk helps Amazon sellers increase sales with SEO

💡 Who is DataHawk?

is a Paris-based Software-as-a-service company that saw the light in 2017 and officially launched in 2018. It identifies as B2B Big Data and Business Intelligence entity that operates in the new eCommerce reality, Marketplaces. DataHawk’s primary mission is to help individual sellers, brands, and retailers thrive on Amazon and other marketplaces by providing them with the right tools and solutions to increase their sales, optimize their margins, and boost productivity.

Everyday, DataHawk technology collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points on products, search queries, brands, sellers, sales, and advertising efforts while focusing on SEO, Product & Market Intelligence. This trove of uniquely-blended data is leveraged to give clients unparalleled business insights.

DataHawk currently serves hundreds of companies and individuals, from solo-entrepreneurs to micro-businesses, SMBs, and large firms, mainly in the United States, representing 75% of their client base, and other countries. It deals with famous brands like L’Oréal and Pfizer, retailers like Pharmapacks and Quiverr, and agencies like Tinuiti and Integer.

🎯 DataHawk Solutions

DataHawk offers five product solutions to cover it all:

DataHawk SEO

70% of clicks go to the top 3 search results, and 90% of all product views on Amazon come from organic search results. Basically, sellers make profit out of sales without having to put in any advertising costs! That means zero additional costs, resulting in higher margins. SEO makes that happen. And DataHawk makes SEO happen.

So if you are a seller on Amazon or one that is trying to start his/her eCommerce business on that platform, you’d better opt for an SEO tool, that would help you generate organic traffic, and survive in the hyper-competitive, and algorithm-driven Amazon marketplace, as it is, by all means, the bread and butter of a profitable online business.

This set of tools that Datahawk provides include, organic rank tracker, listing tracker, and powerful keyword research tool. They will help you monitor, benchmark, analyze & boost product organic keyword ranks and eventually enable you to build a kick-ass SEO presence on Amazon.

DataHawk Product

There are obviously boundless Amazon data-points to keep track of:  Best Seller Ranks, Keyword Ranks, Price, Reviews, Star Ratings, Sellers, Buy Box & Listing data, among others. It is critical that you keep track of all of these KPIs, not solely for your own products, but those of your competitors as well, as it empowers you to make smarter business decisions and helps you avoid the bad ones. And it is undoubtedly very normal to get overwhelmed with all the countless small parts, all of which happen to move at the same time.

That’s why DataHawk offers a set of Product monitoring and measurement tools you can leverage to boost your growth on Amazon. They involve a Best Seller Rank tracker, Alerting and Reporting tools, and Product metrics & Information tracker.

DataHawk Market

Knowing the market you operate at, and your competitors inside out can give you an unfair competitive edge and stronger chances of achieving greater eCommerce success on Amazon.

When you understand your market niches’ dynamics on Amazon and the ins and outs of your competitors’ performance and used strategies, you can map out a more efficient product, pricing, and marketing tactics for your online business.

DataHawk provides a set of Market Research & Intelligence tools you can use to be competitive on Amazon and make smarter decisions. These tools include Keyword Market Analysis, Best Selling Products Browser, and Competitors Sales Estimator.

DataHawk Advertising

It is essentially an Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) software that enables you to analyze, monitor, and enhance the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and minimize your Amazon ACos (Advertising cost of sale).

The tools presented in this solution help you lay hands on powerful advertising performance analytics and provide you with the right optimization recommendations.

DataHawk Finance

Having to view and keep track of daily sales data of a particular product on Amazon Seller Centra, and assimilates its impacts on your BSR (Best Seller Rank) and keywords ranking can become a pain in the bottom. However, It’s imperative to run your business.

With easier access to your ASINs sales information, and more valuable data on BSR, organic search performance, and sales rank, you can better understand your performance and draw out beneficial insights on how your sales impact your BSR and other performance metrics.

DataHawk Finance offers a user-friendly and super helpful sales reporting tool for Seller Central merchants to analyze performance quickly. It consists of a Product Sales Reporting feature, and it correlates Data and exports sales to excel.

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