Tom Benattar
June 28, 2019

How a global B2B app for online forms boosts Facebook Ads CTR by 2.6x with link retargeting

“We used to target people on social media by using the audience options on each platform. However, it felt like we were shooting in the dark sometimes, since the CPC was so high and the audience was possibly wrong. After using PixelMe, we started to build our own link retargeting audiences and used them in our ad campaigns. This helped us grow our volume of clicks and visitors, and decreased our CPC costs tremendously.”

-- Erman Ergun, Marketing Operations Specialist, JotForm


Meet Their Team

📖 JotForm is an online application for creating custom online forms quickly and without needing any code by using their drag-and-drop UI.

In 2006, Aytekin Tank, JotForm’s founder and CEO, was working as a developer in New York. But one thing he hated developing? Online forms. He and most developers he knew could build them, but it was always a tedious process. So, he saw the opportunity to make an online form builder that sped up the process.

Today, JotForm is not only used by developers, but by any member of any organization wanting an easier way to collect the information that matters to them. Over 5 million people worldwide use JotForm - from nonprofits collecting donations, marketing departments collecting lead information, HR teams collecting applications, and much more.


🌍 The global team has two offices in Turkey and an office in San Francisco, with over 140 employees around the globe. Their Marketing Operations Specialist, Erman Ergun, leads all marketing campaign activities - including emails, promotions, ads, and more.

Success In Numbers

🔥 260% increase in CTR on key Facebook Ad campaigns

45 minutes saved daily using Audience Builder to automatically build Custom Audiences

The Goal

JotForm aims to become the market leader in online forms by constantly innovating on form collection & information management features, and acquiring new customers.

🎯 JotForm can be used by any business, and primarily targets: SMBs, eCommerce (online payments), education professionals and institutions, non-profits, healthcare facilities & professionals, and event planning companies.

The Problem

To find new customers and improve their marketing content, JotForm wanted to:

  • Retarget specific audiences across social media channels.
  • Track every marketing URL to understand which campaigns performed best.

The Solution

JotForm used multiple strategies with PixelMe to meet their goals:

🔗 1. Create branded short links: JotForm created the custom domains and to increase brand awareness and CTR in every link they shared. They use custom domains with various content, including 3rd party articles, links to their website, App Store & Google Play Store, and more.

To promote their new JotForm Mobile Forms on Twitter, they used to take people to their new product page.


🏷 2. Add UTM tags to each URL: In their email marketing campaigns and social media posts, JotForm uses UTM parameters on their links. This lets them track the sources of traffic to their website, and analyze which emails and content topics generated the highest traffic.

🎯 3. Link Retargeting: JotForm uses the Audience Builder to automatically remarket to relevant audiences who clicked on their links and showed interest. This helps them bring down the CPC of an ad, while increasing CTR and conversions. It’s also been a new source of customer acquisition as they can retarget visitors of 3rd party websites, who they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to easily re-engage.

On Facebook, they shorten links to 3rd party articles they’re featured in, plus embed retargeting pixels to each link so they can reach people who clicked on them with more relevant content in their ads.


🔑 4. Manage & easily edit short links: After creating a link for an email campaign, JotForm often uses the ability to change the Destination URL of a shortened link when needed. This saves them time and lets them optimize or tweak links after an email gets launched, without changing the HTML code of the email.

📈 5. Measure the success of every link: Email marketing is a key growth channel for JotForm. So using PixelMe in their email links has enabled them to measure the number of total and unique clicks every email receives, and understand which types of email campaigns and links receive the highest clicks and engagement.

JotForm also regularly promotes articles on Medium, and can monitor the number of people who clicked and read their Medium posts, especially when they’re published and shared across different social media platforms.

Products Used

🎯 Audience Builder: Shorten links with retargeting pixels to reach people with ads on Facebook, Google, and more. Brand any URL with custom domains and tag them with UTMs to measure traffic sources & campaign performance.

Tips for Businesses


Marketing guru Erman Ergun shares 2 tips for getting started:

  • Find new advertising audiences: "By targeting the right audiences on social media with the help of PixelMe links (e.g. people who visited your Medium blog posts or people who clicked on your emails), you can receive more clicks by spending less."
  • Measure & optimize your content: "PixelMe shows clicks & engagement across all our marketing links, so it’s easy to see which email campaigns and 3rd party content both prospects and current customers are most interested in."

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