Tom Benattar
July 3, 2019

A high growth B2B data visualization company brings in 10% of signups with retargeting & attribution

“PixelMe is one of those tools that’s easy and fun to test out, and quickly shows tangible value that makes you stick around. It really helps you track your marketing actions on every possible channel. More than that, PixelMe is a bridge that linked together all our marketing and communication teams - including PR, Content, Sales, Acquisition and Recruitment. I don’t know many tools that can be useful to so many different people in a company. It’s truly a collaboration tool.”

-- Kevin Duchier, Head of Communication, Toucan Toco


Meet Their Team

📖 Toucan Toco was founded in 2014 in Paris, France. They help Fortune 500 companies understand their data. Their goal is to create a data-driven culture inside organizations with their data storytelling app.

They believe in building successful teams by keeping a strong atmosphere of benevolence between each other, and simply being authentic with people in the industry.


Success In Numbers

🚀 20% increase in new retargeting audiences

10% of new customer signups come from ads using PixelMe’s Audience Builder

The Goal

🎯 Toucan Toco aimed to generate more qualified leads in all verticals and industries, through multi-channel campaigns across PR, Events, Acquisition, and Inbound marketing.

The Problem

Toucan Toco’s teams needed to find more leads and customers in a few ways:

  • Track the impact of PR when sharing links to press and news they were featured in.
  • Share 3rd party articles and then track and retarget people engaging with them.

The Solution

Toucan Toco used multiple PixelMe tools to grow their business:

🔗 1. Branded short links: Toucan Toco created a few custom domains and This made their URLs easy to remember and share, and increased CTR. They use these branded short links for content leading to their website, blog, ads, external sites, events, and more.

To promote an event on how to choose the right graph for your data which was hosted on Eventbrite, they used the link, which led to:


2. UTM Builder: When driving people to their website from ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, they add UTM parameters to their URLs to analyze which channels their website traffic comes from.

For a LinkedIn ad, they used the following link with UTM tags for the source, medium and campaign:

🎯 3. Audience Builder: For customer acquisition and tracking, Toucan Toco automatically builds retargeting audiences from anyone clicking on links they shared in a variety of ways.

  • Do the impossible - track the impact of PR: They accomplished this by sharing links of all press coverage, and tracking how many people clicked and engaged with them on social media. They then leveraged the fact that B2B media outlets have very specific audiences e.g. Marketing, Sales or Retail teams. So every time someone clicked on links they shared, Toucan Toco was able to segment them into job roles, and create highly targeted audiences they could re-engage with ads later on.
  • Retarget people from 3rd party content: When doing outbound emails, newsletters, or lead nurturing, they share external articles that are relevant to their audiences and industries. This gives them the opportunity to still track and retarget people that are interested in their topics.

📊 4. Smart Attribution: Toucan Toco brings all their efforts together by tracking conversions across campaigns and channels to see which ones are most effective. It’s been a great way for them to see what types of content helped them convert new visitors, and accurately track ROI across marketing channels. This includes: online ads (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), retargeting efforts, social media posts, and non-paid campaigns.

Just knowing what made people convert is the number one feature for a marketing team to scale. So Toucan Toco’s team has since been able to prioritize and optimize their strategy across content creation, ads, and customer targeting.

Products Used

🎯 Audience Builder: Build retargeting audiences by shortening branded links with ad retargeting pixels & add UTM parameters to track traffic sources.

📈 Smart Attribution: Measure ROI across paid & organic channels and see every touchpoint that led to a conversion.

Tips for Businesses

Kevin Duchier provides 2 key marketing tips for getting started:

  • Engage people who clicked on your links: "Combine PixelMe with other tools in your link marketing stack, so you can get maximum interaction with people who click on your links."
  • Measure & optimize your content: "Use PixelMe’s Smart Attribution tool on links you shared to external articles. This helps your content manager know what they should focus on next. You basically understand what content converts, and this information is key.”

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